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Move Your Relationship In A New Direction   

Do you remember a time when you first met your partner and fell in love?  When you couldn't get enough of each other?  You may have spent all of your free time together and dreamed of your future being happily ever after. But now it seems like spending time together is at the bottom of your list?

Was there a time when you could finish each other's sentences but now it feels like you just can't communicate anymore?

Maybe you and your partner have found yourselves getting into the same old arguments which left you feeling unappreciated and misunderstood.  You may have wondered "is the best our relationship is ever going to be?" 


Many of you love your partner and want your relationship to last.  You or your partner may have a tried to find help by talking to friends or family, reading self help or relationship books, or done research on the internet, and yet still not found ways to make lasting changes in your relationship.

Congratulations for taking the first step in looking for a therapist to work with. By working with me and using Imago Relationship Therapy , you and your partner can experience closeness and connection, learn how to resolve conflict while staying close, and engage in a more satisfying way of relating so that you can find happiness together.



Hi.  My name is Gina Leiserowitz (Lie-zer-witz) and my passion is to work with couples just like you. My goal is to help you to have more loving, passionate, and fulfilling relationships.

If you are wondering which direction to go in with your relationship, please see my Discernment Counseling page for more information.

If you would like to work on reducing your reactivity in relationships, please see my EMDR page for more information.

Your Call to Action...


Call me today and let's set up an appointment.  

It's easy to get started.  You can call me at (760) 490-7125. 

By the way, I personally answer my phone and will speak to you immediately if possible, or I will return your call as soon as I can.

Gina Leiserowitz LMFT LPCC NCC
(760) 490-7125
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Move your relationship in a new direction.