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What is the Power Struggle stage of a Conscious Love Relationship?
The Power Struggle occurs in all Love Relationships and contains more conflict than when you were in the Romantic Stage of your relationship. Concflict is normal in relationships and in Imago Relationship Therapy we say that "Conflict is Growth Trying to Happen."
Please note however, physical, emotional/mental, or sexual abuse are not considered normal parts of the Power Struggle. If these are occuring in your relationship, or if there is addiction and co-dependence, then please seek further help or treatment.  
What is a Relationship Exit?
Many times, when one or both partners become dissatisifed with their relationship they may take an exit from the relationship.
An exit occurs when one or both partners spend time away from the relationship engaging in activities in order to avoid spending time with, or being intimate with, one another.  Since many times taking an exit is an unconscious act, you or your partner may not know that this is what is happening. 
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