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Francine Shapiro, Ph.D, author of the book Getting Past Your Past, and the creator of much researched and validated Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy, states that we are all walking around with about 10 - 20 unprocessed memories from our past. Those memories contain all the feelings, body sensations, and negative beliefs we hold about ourselves that developed as the result of experience(s) that were overwhelming or felt traumatic to us. 

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The way our brains work is that when we have an experience in the present, that experience links to other similar experiences we have stored in our memory network.  Our brains do this automatically so that we can make sense of what is happening in the moment. Then we act or react to the present situation. When our experiences touch on unprocessed memories we may act or react in ways we would rather not.  These automatic reactions are independent of our higher reasoning powers.

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Dr. Shapiro states, "That's why you can watch in amazement as you do something you know your'll regret later, or get drawn to the wrong people, or feel hurt by someone you have no respect for, or yell at a loved one with little reason". They can "cause us to feel unattractive when we're not, or depressed when everyone else around us is happy."

EMDR therapy is designed to go into our memory network and reprocess those memories.  Our brains are then able to store the lessons from those events so that we can have a better sense of what to do when we face similar situations in the future, and we can let go of the negative emotions, body sensations, and beliefs that no longer serve us.  This allows us to act or react in more appropriate ways, ways we can be proud of.

Dr. Shapiro states that EMDR therapy goes further than just eliminating distress.  It also engages us in expanding our potential while experiencing feelings of joy and well being.

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Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a powerful therapeutic technique used to alleviate distress caused by traumatic or other emotionally painful experiences, and to restore a sense of peace and well being.

It is my privilege to help people reprocess painful memories and to see them move back into their lives with confidence and joy.

I trained in EMDR in 2005 with Dr. Laurel Parnell. Training in EMDR levels I and II allows me to utilize EMDR in my practice with clients.  

Don't Wait. Call Today. Allow yourself to experience your life again.

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